Your Heart's The Beat

from Module 02 by MiXE1



We've got the symptoms of this love
The skies wear your eyes
Always we're painting scenes
When you love through distance Is it enough?

We're reaching to feel through binary
You know I'm doing all I can to bring you back
Dissolving out the static
Remember We will be together

Your signal's chasing, sent electric
and it won't ever let up
Coz your heart's the beat that gives my songs all their meaning

There's new renditions of this love
Pushing hard so we have everything
With no indecision I want your touch
Physical or digital our song still sings

I know that you understand the reasons why I'm breaking through the static
Remember We will be together


Your signal's chasing me again.. over and over
Yea it's chasing again coz your heart's the beat that gives this meaning
Oh when the distance starts to weigh
I just want to wipe your tears away
Tell you everything will be alright and we will be together

Yea you know that your heart's the beat that makes me feel this complete
Breaking through the static, this is ours, we're gonna make this right, inside
You know how I feel
You know what it is real
Even when we're digital


from Module 02, released June 16, 2012
Written/Performed by Michael Evans.
Mixed and Mastered by Lane Chaplin.


all rights reserved



MiXE1 London, UK

MiXE1 is an electronic rock band boasting a wide range of influences from pop through to metal. Passionate vocals, hooky melodies and synth layered backdrops make up the distinctive sound with all songs set in a futuristic city of the same name - neon dreams and haunting emotions. This is MiXE1. ... more

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